Jean Vasseur artist painter,

sculptor, Surrealist, freemasonic, and symbolic painting




Egg - Damier - 2011 Damier esquisses Lille 2010 - Fraternity oil on wood 2003

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BIOGRAPHY and Guest book :


* University Academy - Architecture of " BEAUX ARTS "

* 1969 : Nominated "Massier " of architecture' atelier , and start of that symbolic live .

First painting from 1960 ... Exhibitions : Salon des Independants Paris

Salon d'Automne Paris . French great salons . Private collectors :

Paris, New York, Bruxelles, Geneve, Liege, Zurich, Berlin, Munich, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco ....

Guest book

* Agreat artist painter of the old tradition : Dream's Gallery .* A very nice symbolic painting : D. Libert - freemasonic expert .

* A real search, in the symbolic , good luck ... : Hans Hilmann - swiss collector .

* All the symbolic : masonic, traditional, and surrealist : B. Nalin - american freemason collector .

* A great technique, oil on wood, like the famous flamand school, a romantic realist light : A. Coustenoble - art professor .


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